micro-stacks is an all-in-one TypeScript SDK for interacting with the Stacks ecosystem. With micro-stacks you can build software that can: interact with Clarity, the smart contract langauge on Stacks, build apps that interact with Stacks based wallets, construct transactions, post conditions, and more!

⚡ Quick start
pnpm i @micro-stacks/react
Read the getting started guide
Create a server-side rendered Stacks app with Remix

Building apps

Check out these core patterns for building robust Stacks applications.

🚀 Get started
Learn how to add micro-stacks to any JavaScript based project.
Build an app
✨ Connect a Stacks wallet
Learn how to add web3 authentication to any JavaScript application or service.
Add authentication
💰 Sign transactions
Learn about the different types of transactions and how to have your users sign them.
Learn about transactions
📝 Message signing
Learn about message signatures and SIP-018 structured data signing.
Sign messages
🔒 Working with post conditions
Learn how to construct post-conditions to protect your users from accidental asset-loss.
Learn more