STX Token transfers

Sending STX tokens

This is the simplest type of Stacks transaction: a STX token transfer transaction. This is for requesting a connected wallet to transfer an amount of STX to a given recipient, with an optional message (a.k.a. memo).


This transaction type is for the native Stacks token (STX) only. To transfer other types of tokens such as fungible or non-fungible tokens, see the calling contract functions page.


@micro-stacks/react exports a hook that you will use to call contract functions: useOpenStxTokenTransfer.

import { useOpenStxTokenTransfer } from '@micro-stacks/react';


  • recipient: The recipient of the token transfer (can be either standard principal or contract principal).
  • amount: The amount of STX in uSTX (a value of 1 would equal 0.000001 STX).
  • memo: an optional arbitrary string message.


import { useOpenStxTokenTransfer } from '@micro-stacks/react';
const MyComponent = () => {
  const { openStxTokenTransfer, isRequestPending } = useOpenStxTokenTransfer();
  const handleTokenTransfer = async () => {
      recipient: 'SP000000000000000000002Q6VF78',
      amount: 20n, // 0.00002 STX
      memo: 'hello world',